Welcome to Summer Dance at Elevate Dance Centre!

We are SO excited to host you for summer programs and have prepared the following information to help you have a happy, healthy, and safe return to classes.  Please review before your first class for the smoothest transition back to classes. We look forward to seeing you soon!!


Here’s what you need to know…

EDC is a Safer Studio™

  • EDC follows the More Than Just Great Dancing!® Safer Studio Guidelines which prioritize a hierarchy of safety and wellness measures including:

    • Wellness checks for staff

    • Frequent hand hygiene and good respiratory hygiene

    • Enhanced cleaning procedures

    • Minimizing mixing and mingling via social distancing practices

    • Curricular and facility adjustments

    • Gradual re-opening and continuous parent communications.

  • Please see below for the specific way EDC is applying these guidelines for the Summer Programs.


Student Arrival

  • Dancers arrive ready to dance (in full dancewear) - change rooms are closed at this time. 

  • Please enter through our front entrance - doors will open approximately five minutes before class begins. 

  • Dancers will be asked to sanitize hands upon entrance. 

  • Dancers will be given a bin to put their shoes, water bottle, phone, keys, etc. 

  • Please do not bring any extra items to class - we will not be using cubbies at this time.  


Dancers Only

  • Our waiting room is closed to everyone, except for dancers at this time. 

  • Parents may wait in the outdoor courtyard area - please maintain physical distancing recommendations in the courtyard and parking lot. 

  • Please limit parent drop off to one person whenever possible.  Sibling visitors cannot be accommodated during this session.



  • Please bring clearly labeled water bottles. Drinking fountains will not be available.

  • Food/snacks are not permitted at the studio, unless otherwise specified.


Physical Distancing

  • Class sizes have been limited to facilitate physical distancing.

  • Class sizes have been modified to reflect a 6-foot social distancing pattern and floors will have markers to help students maintain boundaries as much as possible.

  • Classrooms will refrain from high fives, “ballerina hugs”, fist bumps, stickers, and stamps.

  • Curricular adjustments have been made to eliminate prop use and hand-holding and to reduce mixing and mingling in the classroom.

  • We ask that all parents/students maintain physical distancing recommendations in the parking lot, upon arrival and departure of the studio. 



  • ​We have increased our cleaning frequencies and sanitation procedures in high traffic areas and high touch surfaces of the studio such as doors, viewing windows, barres, floors, counters, stereos, and bathrooms.

  • All high traffic areas will be sanitized between classes. 



  • Mask wearing for staff, students and parents is at personal/parental discretion.

  • If students do choose to wear a mask - it must be clearly labelled, and will not be shared. 


Bathroom Use

  • We encourage all students to use the restroom at home before coming to class.

  • Bathrooms will be available for camp students, and will be cleaned between each class..

  • Bathroom facility use will be limited to the one front unisex bathrooms for this session of classes.

  • Bathrooms will not be available as change rooms - dancers need to arrive in dance/warm up apparel.


Health & Travel

  • Dancers must feel 100% well when attending dance class.  

  • Parents are asked to keep their children home from class if they, or a member of their household have a fever, display symptoms of the common cold, influenza or other infectious respiratory diseases. 

  • Parents are asked to not send their children to class if they, or a member of their household, have tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

  • Parents are asked to not send their children to class if they, or a member of their household has returned from travel outside of Canada within the last 14 days. 


Continuous Parent Communication

  • Please visit our website and join our EDC Parent & Student Community Private Facebook page beginning August 15, where you will find a stop and go light icon that clearly indicates the status of classes: Green indicates it is safe to attend face-to-face classes. Yellow indicates a cautionary change to service delivery. Red indicates clients should stay home and attend class online.


Studio Departure

  • Students will be asked to sanitize hands before exiting the studio. 

  • Dancers must be picked up promptly.

  • Students will be released from our front door entrance.

  • Parents will be asked to wait outside for students to be released. Parents must meet their dancers in the courtyard (outside our front door).


Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!  

We cannot wait to dance with you soon! 

© Elevate Dance Centre, 2020